Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

It has been a busy February and start of March for Wealth Dragons, with jam-packed back-to-back events, both in the UK and overseas. So what does this tell us? Well, for starters, that Wealth Dragons has become an established and trusted brand the world over. We are very proud of our nine-year journey, our people and our students. Any success story is one borne out of hard work, commitment and team effort.

Secondly, and most relevant, is that our audiences seek change; something fresh and new, like the start of Spring – whether it be on a personal or financial growth path. Sometimes individuals know what they seek. More often than not though, we are there to help our students define and strategise their path towards life success, albeit through property investment, business start-up and monetising their existing business offering.
For us as a diverse and ambitious growth business, it is amazing to meet so many people from different backgrounds and cultures through events hosted in Malaysia, The Netherlands and the UK. But what stands out so strongly is that regardless of where we speak and in spite of cultural or traditional standards faced by some of our audiences, a desire to change and learn is intrinsic throughout.

We are each capable of creating our own success path, regardless of our qualifications or how we view financial success. Whatever has been, is in the past. Today has 24 hours and we are each responsible for how we fill those hours and minutes. Our Wealth Dragon hours and minutes are committed to helping others and changing lives – based on the company WHY.

Before you embark on your own journey towards change, you should consider your own WHY. And whilst we all may be the “same, same but different” as they famously say in Thailand, our journey becomes personalised once we define our purpose and why. Without which, the spring in our step is dulled and our light shines less bright than it should.

So this March, as the Spring flowers burst through, consider your own WHY and Spring back into life. Our Wealth Dragons top tip for March is to DEFINE YOUR WHY. What is yours? And what will you do next?

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