Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I register and pay for an event or programme but am unable to attend for personal reasons, can I defer my place to a different date?

A: If there is space available on the next programme, we will always try to accommodate you, as long as you let us know in advance that you are unable to attend on the date(s) you booked. We frequently have a waiting list, so it is important you give us as much notice as possible.

Q: How long does each day of the programmes and events last?

A: Registration starts at 8.30am each day (this is also the time you are encouraged to network with fellow attendees. The programmes start at 9.30am prompt. There will be morning and afternoon breaks of around 15 minutes, and an hour for lunch. The day normally finishes between 6-7pm, but some events might finish a little later. You will be given more information on the day.

Q: I’ve registered for an event already. Can I bring a friend with me?

A: If there are places still available, of course. You will simply need to register your friend and purchase a ticket for them in the usual way. If the event or programme is sold out, still contact us and we will ensure your friend has waiting list preference.

Q: I’m booked on a 3-day programme but I can’t attend the first day. Can I still attend the second two days?

A: Technically, you are welcome to still attend, but we strongly advise against missing any of the days. The programmes are carefully structured and follow a specific structure that will not necessarily give you the best understanding if you miss pieces of it. If you really cannot attend one of the days, we would advise you to contact us about deferring your place to a future date.

Q: I’ve browsed the website and I like the sound of your events and training programmes, but I’m still not sure which one to attend. Can I speak to someone who will help me?

A: Of course! We are always here to help you. Please call our Senior Education Consultant, Marcus Souto and he, or one of his team, will be happy to talk through the courses with you and make sure you book the one that best suits your needs.

Q: I’ve booked my place on one of your events, but now my friends and family are trying to talk me out of it. Should I listen to them?

A: Sure. If you don’t want your life to change! People often try to stop us from doing something because deep down they are jealous; they don’t have the courage to try something new and branch out from the old themselves. Many attendees come to us saying they attended a programme against the advice of friends and family members. What they find when they attend the programme is a whole new group of like-minded people who often become friends. One of the reasons we often suggest people come to our one-day event, Wealth Accelerator Live before booking a longer programme, is to give them the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals to reassure them that they are not the only ones daring to learn something new.

Q: If I can’t attend an event I’ve booked a ticket for, can I get a recording of it instead?

A: No. It is hugely important that you attend in person. You will not get everything out of the course that it is designed to give you unless you are there on the day(s). Again, if you really cannot attend, please let us know well in advance and we will try to accommodate you at a future event.

Q: I told my friend about an event I was planning to attend and they said it was a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. Is that true?

A: No! A “Get Rich Quick” (GRQ) scheme is one where you are promised a huge amount of money if you invest in certain products. We make no promises other than the assurance that what you learn on the programmes we promote will give you unique tools that can help you vastly increase your income and build a more secure future. However, it is still you who has to do the hard work. No one is going to do that for you. If you put into practice what you have learnt (and we have quantitative ways you can measure your efforts), you will get results. But it all takes time. We would be more inclined to call our programmes “Get Rich Slow” schemes! This, in the end, is going to produce deeper and more lasting results. All our trainers are experts in their field and have real, tangible proof of their successes. If you follow their advice and put the hard work in, you are likely to get similar results. But it is always, ultimately, your responsibility to implement the strategies you have learnt.

Q: Will I get to meet the trainers?

A: Absolutely! Our programmes are highly professional and well structured, but there is always an opportunity during the breaks, and at networking sessions to meet the trainers in a more informal way.