Closing the deal: What the new US President Elect can learn from Vincent Wong’s ‘New Dealmakers’

Closing the deal What the new US President Elect can learn from Vincent Wong’s ‘New Dealmakers’

As the USA starts their day with a new President Elect, 8th November 2016 is an equally auspicious day for me; both as a business owner as well as an individual. I am very proud to have just launched my second penned book, entitled Property Entrepreneur: The Wealth Dragon Way to Build a Successful Property Business (Wiley 2016), in the presence of 100 valued family, friends, colleagues and students, at 5th Floor Waterstones, Piccadilly, London.

Just this time last year, my business partner, John Lee and I, were launching The Wealth Dragon Way, our debut work, sharing our life journey as Wealth Dragons. Roll forward one year (pretty much to the day) and I am launching a follow-up second book in the series. What a difference a year can make!

In my new book, I identify eight different type of property investors that I have come across over the years, since I pioneered Lease Option Deals within three different countries. The final, 8th group of investors, the New Dealmakers as I like to call them, and the group where I would also categorise myself, is the way forward for property investment, regardless of whether you are living in maybe-maybenot-Brexit Britain or in KL in Malaysia. The new rules are the new rules.

The New Dealmakers, AKA Property Entrepreneurs, are savvy, forward-thinking property investors who seek solutions to problems, without making excuses or apportioning blame. The New Dealmakers look at ways to help others as well as to help ourselves. We have a vision of the bigger picture and think both in micro and macro terms and don’t react to some of the challenges life brings to us. We set an example to others and want to help other people on their journey towards success.

In this respect, the new US President or indeed any country or business leader can learn from my book, and indeed from the many students and alumni I have taught around the world. I have learnt so much from others over the years, not only about them but also about myself. I became a New Dealmaker because of the very people I teach and inspire. I hope the new US President will also lead the country by example and learn from the very people who put him in The White House.

Thank you to everyone who attended the launch of Property Entrepreneur tonight. To buy a copy please visit – here’s to the next 12 months as a Property Entrepreneur!

Photo Credit: Elliott Franks.

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