Get a POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS WEALTH, change your own life and improve the lives of others.

Only by building assets that generate a passive income can you gain real financial security and freedom. The book busts many of the myths that hold good people back from striving to create wealth. It is not “greedy” to become as wealthy as possible, it is responsible. As moral and ethical people, we have an obligation to become as wealthy as possible because with our wealth we have the opportunities to help ourselves, those we love, and people further afield. The more money we have, the more lives we can improve.

The wealth dragon way will show you

  • How to improve your relationship with money in order to increase your personal wealth.
  • The importance of having both monetary wealth and moral wealth.
  • Why the “Get Rich Forever” plan beats the “Get Rich Quick” plan.
  • Why the myths you’ve been taught about money are holding you back.
  • The Undesirable Truths about life that never get discussed.
  • Why you get stuck in the trap of the rat race and how to get out of it.
  • How to adopt a “more-money mindset.”
  • The “foolproof guide” to property investing.
  • Case studies of John’s and Vincent’s property deals.
  • The 10 “Wealth Dragon” principles you need to adopt in order to succeed.