365 x 24 by John Lee

365 x 24 by John Lee

December 2016 and the Wealth Dragons’ team has landed in Bali for our annual world-class Speaker Mastery event. Thereafter, later on this month, Vince will be launching his new book, Property Entrepreneur, in Asia, just before year end. 2016 was also the year where we agreed to support our friend, Kelly Haynes – an amazing working mum who was recently crowned British Muy Thai Grand Prix ISKA K-1 Kickboxing champion at The O2 in London.

Kelly is our resident ‘Health Dragon’ and inspired Vince and myself to up the ante with our own training and fitness regimes. Just because 2016 is drawing to a close, it doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels (or mistletoe, given the time of year). We are in the gym at 5am or 6am on most days! Not for brownie points but because we value every minute of every day.

Our collective entrepreneurial spirit and energy stays with us day in, day out. As per the title of this blog, ‘365 x 24’, we each have the same number of hours per day and the same number of days in the year. We all make daily choices regarding how we spend our time and whom with.

As we end the year on a high, we also reflect upon the jam-packed year we have enjoyed. Our team has grown from strength to strength; we have welcomed over 10,000 people within training rooms the world over; Vince launched his new book to rave reviews (see Vine and Amazon); we re-defined our vision and are one step closer to taking the Wealth Dragons name to the next corporate level.

Notwithstanding, our year has not been without challenges. There will always be certain changes to working life and sometimes a parting of the ways. This is an inevitable part of the growth cycle – both in terms of personal development and evolution for Wealth Dragons as a brand. We learn and we grow. Or we stay in the same place. We also remember those who are no longer with us or whom may have fallen upon difficult times.

Our in-house personnel and volunteer crews have shown an unprecedented level of commitment this year and we look ahead to 2017 with excitement and gratitude. The entire Wealth Dragons management team would like to thank everyone associated with our business around the world for their ongoing support and input. And particularly to our students and alumni, without whom we wouldn’t be in business. We value each and every person that walks through Wealth Dragons’ doors. A big bright door that is open to all.

Here’s to the next 365 x 24 hours of business and life growth. Exciting times. Happy Christmas to you all.


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