Month: December 2014

A House for Christmas?

17th December 2014

Are we now witnessing the end of the London property boom? Asks an article in the Daily Mail this week. Yet several other articles posted recently talk of interest rates reaching “record lows” and refer to statistics showing that average property prices rose by 10.4% in October.

So what does..

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Collaboration Beats Competition

15th December 2014

A recent article on describes how you can use rivalry to increase your business performance. I asked myself whether competition has played a significant role within my own business journey, and the journeys I have witnessed taken by the countless international students and entrepreneurs..

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Start Them Young

3rd December 2014

Last week, Tommie Rose was threatened with suspension for running a tuck shop business at school in order to raise money to go towards paying for higher education. While I accept that the selling sweets at school might be against the school rules and healthy eating policy, young Brits like Tommie..

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The Other Side of the Story

2nd December 2014

Last month, the BBC suggested that times are bleak for FTBs (first-time buyers). I would like to add some practical solutions based on my own experience to those they provided from industry experts. The end of the year is a time when property prices often dip as people start to worry about debt...

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